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Safety Training in Grand Rapids MN
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Safety Training Class Descriptions 

Thank you for your interest in our safety training classes. Click on the "View More" button to view the description and details for each class. Click here to view the class schedule  

  • A.W.A.I.R (A Workplace Accident Injury Program) Development View More

    This is a program designed for all businesses to enable them to develop a company-specific A.W.A.I.R (A Workplace Accident Injury Reduction) program. The establishment of clear safety goals and objectives is key to a successful A.W.A.I.R. program. We will help you customize an A.W.A.I.R. program that fits your businesses needs, helping you to reach your safety goals and objectives. 

    Right to Know Workshop View More

    Every employee at your business has the right to know what chemicals they may be exposed to everyday while at work. This workshop is designed to help employer and employee know their rights and responsibilities when dealing with hazardous agents. 


    MSHA New Miner View More

    This training is required by any/all individuals doing any type of work on mine property whether they are a mine employee or an employee of one of the mine's vendors. This class is a 24-hour class and the curriculum covers all required MSHA training directives found in the CFR 30 for all Surface Metal and Non-Metal Mines and meets Part 46 and Part 48 requirements. Our MSHA classes are interactive combining equipment and experiments focused on safety as well as discussions about specific safety situations and/or accidents giving the student a unique learning experience as well as one-on-one time for specific questions.    

    MSHA Refresher View More

    This course is an 8-hour yearly refesher course on the Mine Safety andHealth Administrations rules and regulations. Everyone entering mine property must maintain current certification. This class reviews all MSHA standards while providing interactives and real-world discussions about safety giving the student a unique learning experience. 


    Confined Space Awareness, Entry, and Rescue View More

    This is a 4-hour course that covers OSHA regulations concerning working in confined spaces and entry proceedures as well as Permit-Required Confined Space Entry, Confined Space Rescue, and Retrieval System and Testing.

    Fall Protection View More

    This is a 4-hour comprehesive safety and rescue class designed for men and women who need fall protection and fall rescue training. We offer an effective balance between classroom instruction and hands-on training using practical rescue scenarios. A substantial portion of our safety trainng covers OSHA safety requirements, the physicas of falls, personal protective equipment, fall protection safety conceprs and equipment, documentation, along with solo and small group rescue deployment.

    OSHA 10 General Industry View More

    This OSHA 10 hour program is a 2-day program designed to provide you with instruction on industrial safety and health topics and to introduce you to the OSHA General Industry Safety Standards.

    OSHA 10 Construction View More

    This OSHA class is 10 hours and provides instruction focusing on construction safety and health topics and to introduce you to the OSHA Construction Safety Standards.


    OSHA 30 General Industry View More

    This class is a 30-hour course and guides you through the Code of Federal regulations for general industry. It outlines the basics of OSHA and cover at least ten different sub-parts of the OSHA Standards.

    OSHA 30 Construction View More

    This 30-hour OHSA class covers the Code of federal Regulation for the construction industry (CFR 1926). It outlines the basics of OSHA, its mission in protecting workers, and covers a minimum of 10 different sub-parts of OSHA Standards.

    Lockout/Tagout Workshop View More

    This workshop discusses the specific practices and procedures for safeguarding hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities with the use of locks and tags as a method of machine control. It also discusses the uses of such programs in the industrial trade as well as teaching you how to recognize and follow lockout/tagout procedures. 

    HAZWOPER 40 View More

    This is a 40-hour, 5-day class that discusses the principles of Industrial Hygine, the recognition, identification, evaluation, and control of hazardous materials, and the properties of hazardous materials. In a highly interactive learning environment, you will learn about Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) Levels A, B, and C and includes instruction on respirators, medical monitoring, heat stress, air quality monitoring and testing equipment, decontaminations procedures, site safety plans and confined space work practices. The course includes 30 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of hand-on training. 

    HAZWOPER Refresher View More

    This is an 8-hour yearly refresher required to maintain your HAZWOPER Certification. You will not only review the CFR 1910.120-29 and the CFR 1926.65 but you will also go over any changes and/or updates that have occured in the past year.


    Hazard Communication View More

    In this course you will learn what the proper personal protective equipment required for specific situations. You will also learn how to utilize this equipment to ensure protection from harmful agents. 

    Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) View More

    This class will focus on what the proper personal protective equipment that is required for specific situations. Students will also learn how to wear the equipment.

    Respirator Fit Testing (hands-on) View More

    A medical evaluation is required for all employees who are required to wear a respirator. We provide this service to your business so that your emplyees can be fit tested properly for their respirators. The questionnaire is read by a medical professional and kept completely confidential. Your employee can then be fit-tested for their respirator here at our training center or at your facility.


    Lift Truck Training View More

    This class provides your employees with classroom training in all applicable OSHA construction and general industry standards concerning lift trucks. Trainees will demonstrate and be evaluated on the proper pre-inspection procedures, safe operating skills, and general maintenance of lift trucks.


    Scaffold Safety and Erection View More

    This class is designed for companies or contractors who need a through base of knowledge of safe and efficient scaffold erection. Trainees will learn about various types of scaffolds such as the system scaffold, the rolling tower scffold, the tube and clamp system, and the welded tubular frame system. The class also covers sheltering techniques. The class is 8 hours for workers and 32 hours for competent persons.

    CPR/First-aid/AED View More

    Upon completion of this class, trainees will become certified in CPR and first-aid. The class will also provide hands-on training with an AED device.


    Drug Testing View More

    We provide drug screening for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion testing, and random testing. DOT testing is also available.

    Testing Services View More

    We can do on-site testing of your indoor air quality, emission for forklifts, and audio metrical testing. Call for pricing.

    Site Safety Evaluations - Providing MSHA/OSHA Compliance View More

    We offer site evaluations to help you keep your business in compliance with MSHA and OSHA standards. This service is for all construction, industrial, and mining site businesses. We also provide hourlly, daily, weeklly, and extended coverage with quarterly auditing to maintain compliance.


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